About CommBox

Our Story

There is a reason why CommBox is the gold standard in interactive collaboration. We believe connected, interactive technology fundamentally enhances learning, collaboration and connection.

CommBox products are designed right here in Australia. Our in-house Product and Engineering team continually innovate for the Australian market in collaboration with the CommBox Crew. A cross-sectional focus group, exploring customer needs and providing real customer validation across the design and development process.

CommBox started over 45 years ago in education technology. Today a leading provider of interactive screen technology in schools and businesses across Australia and NZ. With high quality and robust components, we are proud of the quality of our CommBox products. They come with a 5-year genuine swap-out warranty so you can be confident in their long-lasting performance.

CommBox is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction and is at the heart of everything we do. Our best-in-class Customer Success team provides same-day support and training for the best possible user experience.

Our mission

Our mission is that in every opportunity to work and learn, CommBox will be the way people connect, ideate, collaborate and communicate.

The #1 Australian touchscreen.
Designed and supported in Australia.

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Customer-Led Development

Designed in Australia in collaboration with the
CommBox Crew
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Backed by our 5-Year Warranty

All our screens come with a genuine 5 year swap out
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The CommBox Experience

We deliver the best possible user experience, it’s at the heart of everything we do
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Works with your Tech

Integrate CommBox seamlessly into any space with our agnostic products